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Turned hem

Red Yellow Tulips

For the turned hem you could work the border of the design in Hardanger satin stitch or Hardanger buttonhole edge stitch. If you choose to do a turned hem be sure to add several inches all the way around the … Read more

Finishing Hardanger and Bargello designs

Entwined Pomegranates - Bargello

There are several ways you can display your finished piece, here are the ones that I discuss on my blog pages.

– Hem (turned or buttonhole edge) my finished pieces for display on a cabinet top or shelve.

– Framing, … Read more

Finishing Cards

Preparing gifts

I get a lot of pleasure embroidering card-sized designs to give as gifts during holiday seasons.

Preparations do not only involve the stitchery work, but also choosing and ordering windowed cards and mats for mounting. The mat boards I use … Read more

Matting and Framing

Snowy White Mocha closeup

I have several of my embroidery pieces framed for wall display but cost of the frame and not enough wall space has about put a stop to my framing completed pieces. We have two cabinet tops at waist height and … Read more

Where, how to begin

winter colorway

The below discussion is for counted embroidery. The two below links discuss purchasing fabric. If you are new to purchasing embroidery fabric or new to setting up an embroidery project I suggest you read both of these blog pages.

Purchasing … Read more

Buttonhole edge stitch

Buttonhole stitched edge

There are several edges that I have seen on Hardanger worked pieces: turned hem, fringed and buttonhole. I mainly finished my worked Hardanger designs with a buttonhole worked edge so that I can trim off excess fabric.

This stitch edge … Read more

Securing Thread Ends and No Knots

Securing thread ends

Thread ends: No knots please. The ends of your threads are secured by weaving them into the back side of the worked area of your design. I like to keep these weaved thread ends in among like threads. Such that … Read more

Picking up Fuzz of Threads

Masking tape

Masking tape isn’t an exciting embroidery tool but it sure comes in handy.

A caution, until you are use to the masking tape that you purchased I would suggest dabbing the masking tape about on whatever fabric you have selected … Read more

Stabbing vs Sewing Technique


Stabbing vs sewing, how you stitch with your needle:

I have friends who prefer to work their Hardanger pieces using the sewing method.

I mostly use the stab stitching as I feel it is less stress on the fabric, stitching … Read more