Finishing Hardanger and Bargello designs

There are several ways you can display your finished piece, here are the ones that I discuss on my blog pages.

– Hem (turned or buttonhole edge) my finished pieces for display on a cabinet top or shelve.

– Framing, which I set on a cabinet top easel or wall hanging. My problem is that I have run out of wall space!

– Matting (no framing) and then displaying on a cabinet top easel or shelve of a cabinet. This saves me the cost of the frame plus my matted pieces are mostly flat and can be stored together in a clear Rubbermaid storage box. Without the frames, the storage box isn’t super heavy, so I can carry the box into a room and select matted pieces to display.

– Pillows of different sizes. Some for the small of my back or neck, and lap pillows to rest iPad and printed books on when I am reading.  The other ones I have made into pillows for sofa and chair usage.

Caribbean, Hardanger Design

Caribbean, Hardanger with buttonhole worked edge

Buttonhole worked edge, click here.

Red Yellow Tulips

Hardanger with Tulips (turned hem)

Turned hem, click here.

Create a pillow, click here.

Waves of Early Fall Bargello

Waves of Early Fall, Bargello pillow

waves of early fall

I sized Waves of Early Fall to be a lower back pillow. When not in use I display it on a cabinet top.

Rhodes Stitch Collection

Rhodes Stitch Collection, matted

Matting and framing, click here.