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Thread and Fabric Vendors

Hardanger satin stitch

Hardanger is normally worked in two weights of threads. For fabric with count of 22 through 25 I use size 8 and size 5 threads. Kloster blocks are worked in the heavier, thicker size thread which would be the size … Read more

Purchasing Hardanger fabric and stretcher bars

22 count fabric

Below discussion is about embroidery fabric, specially Hardanger.  This discussion is not about clothing and quilting fabric. These are two tutorials from Leah Day where she discusses preparing 100% cotton fabric for quilting. I do not starch my fabric as … Read more

Picking up Fuzz of Threads

Masking tape

Masking tape isn’t an exciting embroidery tool but it sure comes in handy.

A caution, until you are use to the masking tape that you purchased I would suggest dabbing the masking tape about on whatever fabric you have selected … Read more


Snipping edge

I own several general embroidery scissors. They are under four inches in length.  All but two of my embroidery scissors are under $10.

I would not use any of them for cutting a large piece of fabric down to the … Read more

Needle Keeper

Needle Index EGA

For organizing needles I use the Embroiderers’ Guild of America (EGA) Valley Quail Chapter Needle Index Book (purchased from their website).  

It has identification drawings of various needles (and sizes) and right across from, let’s say the tapestry needle … Read more