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Needles and Threads

Tapestry Needle

Hardanger is a counted embroidery worked on hardanger or linen fabric which has a “count” of 22 or more threads per inch. I have worked a hardanger design on 20 count, it turned out quite nice. On the 20 – …

Purchasing Hardanger fabric

22 count fabric

I found purchasing fabric and thread a bit baffling when I first moved from kits to putting together my own choice of fabric and threads. I have found out what I need to know is how many fabric holes there …

Parking the thread and the Needle

Parking threads

Parking your thread

Parking is a term applied to handling/controling your stitching thread(s) when not in use.

The term parking is also used to indicate when you need to have the tail end of your thread held aside until you …

Stabbing vs Sewing Technique


Stabbing vs sewing, how you stitch with your needle:

I have friends who prefer to work their Hardanger pieces using the sewing method.

I mostly use the stab stitching as I feel it is less stress on the fabric, stitching …