Turned hem

For the turned hem you could work the border of the design in Hardanger satin stitch or Hardanger buttonhole edge stitch. If you choose to do a turned hem be sure to add several inches all the way around the piece of cloth for your worked design.

Red Yellow Tulips

Red Yellow Tulips
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Photo shows my Hardanger with Tulips design finished with a turned hem.

The 22 count fabric that I used for this Hardanger design is weaved with two threads as the fabric’s thread. If you strip a thread from the raw edge of the fabric you have two strands. When taken apart and used as a stitching thread the one strand of fabric thread is about the thickness size 12 of a perle thread. This is what I used, a single strand of the actual fabric thread to stitch my turned hem so that the stitching for the hem did not show.

I have only worked a turned hem twice, so I am no expert.

To view a great discussion of working a turned hem with mitred corners see Mary Corbet’s discussion ‘mitre corners’ on her website http://www.needlenthread.com/