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Holiday Lights — Winter holiday card 2018

holiday card 2018

Each year I like to send out embroidered Winter holiday cards to friends and family.   This year my design show cases the beauty of holiday lights worked in unseparated 6-strand embroidery floss. Holiday Lights is presented within a 10 plus … Read more

Late Autumn, Hardanger

Late Autumn, Hardanger Design from Noelle Frances Designs

Late Autumn catches the changing colors as chilly mornings and frost tint the leaves and mums of summer.

An Intermediate level counted Hardanger needlework embroidery, Late Autumn is presented within a 25-plus page booklet. The design incorporates openwork areas worked … Read more

Stargazer — Holiday Card


Stargazer is presented within a 20 plus page full color booklet that provides discussion of the charts accompanied by photos of the worked design.

This design is shown in two sizes.

The full design count 70w by 45h was finished … Read more

Starburst Rhodes Stitch Style Needlework


Starburst is a counted Rhodes stitch style needlework embroidery presented within a 40-plus page booklet.

For those embroiderers who have not worked in Rhodes Stitch before, each individual stitch is a slanted straight stitch that is normally layered on top … Read more

Winter Sky Bargello

Winter Sky Bargello

Winter sky

This photo of a late season winter sky before a heavy snow storm influenced my choice of the grey-blue thread colorway and name for this booklet.

Winter Sky Bargello is a variation of my Citrus Pomegranate Design that … Read more

Snowy White Mocha Hardanger Embroidery Needlework

Snowy White Mocha

Snowy White Mocha design is a Hardanger counted needlework embroidery presented within a 40-plus page booklet. This design utilizes the traditional Hardanger method of needlework satin stitches, kloster blocks, cutwork and fill-in stitches to create the design.

Design count is … Read more

Waves of Early Fall Bargello Embroidery Needlework

Waves of Early Fall
Waves of Early Fall design is a Bargello counted needlework embroidery presented within a 40-plus page booklet. This design utilizes the traditional Bargello method of needlework straight stitches worked in steps to create the design. Click the button named Bargello… Read more

Caribbean, Hardanger Needlework

Caribbean, Hardanger Design

Caribbean is a counted Hardanger needlework embroidery design presented in a 20-plus page booklet available in printed (8 by 10 inch size) and Kindle formats.

Worked on an overdyed 24 count Congress (100% cotton) fabric (color Carefree Caribbean) the fabric … Read more