Fill-in Stitches

Fill-in Stitches:

As the length of this page has gotten a bit long, I have moved discussion of the below listed fill-in stitches onto their own blog page. Clicking the name of any of the below fill-in stitches will take you to their blog page.

Thread used: Hardanger is normally worked in two weights of threads. For fabric with count of 22 through 25 I use size 8 and size 5 threads. Kloster blocks are worked in the heavier, thicker size thread which would be the size 5. Bar weaving, and fill-in stitches are worked in the lighter size 8 thread.

Within my blog pages I (since these are the threads weights that I normally use) will refer to the heavier weight thread as size 5 and the lighter thread as size 8.

Fill-in Stitches that I discuss are shown as hyperlinks below:

spider web dual

spider web examples

Ribbed Spider Web


Fill in examples

Example of eyelets, Greek Cross, Dove Eye fill-in stitches and Picot loops

Dove eyes

Eyelets and Cross Stitches

Greek Cross

Picot loops


Ruby Rosette

Rosette (Struvor) example

Rosette (Struvor)

Twisted X