Hardanger: Bar weaving, Picot Loops and Spokes

completed card

Click photo to view my blog page on this Kreinik freebie design

Figure-8 bar weaving:
I find simple, non-adorned bar weaving to be as pretty as bar weaved areas with fill-in stitches.

Christmas tree to the left is a freebie design on the Kreinik website. I stitched and used it as an insert into Christmas Cards that I sent out to close friends last year.

Figure-8 weaved bars

Figure-8 weaved bars – Click to enlarge photo

You work the figure-8 weave by coming up in the middle of the fabric threads with half of the threads on each side of the needle.

Then the pattern is loop over half of the fabric threads, bring the needle up again in the middle, loop over the other half of the fabric threads, and so on.

Weaving and spokes with comments

Weaving and spokes with comments

Picot Loop Example 1

Adding Picot loop to figure-8 bar weaving

one or two picots

one or two picots

Bar weaving with 2 picot

Weaved bar with 2 picot loops

Wrapped bar weaving:

Below I have included a photo from Nordic Needle as I feel their drawn example best explains bar wrapping and its use working Greek Crosses.

Greek Cross

Nordic Needle Greek Cross Click photo to enlarge.

Using buttonhole stitch for bar weaving:

When I work the Rosette (Struvor) stitch I want the pull stitches to form a nice symmetric Y-branch within the four corners. To accomplish this, instead of a simple wrapped bar I do 8 weaved bars of buttonhole stitches then count up from the bottom 3 loops (see white arrows), do the pull stitches to form two buttonhole worked bars into a Y-shape.

Ruby Rosette

Ruby Rosette