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Snipping edge


Anchor and DMC offer thread in floss and perle sizes 3,  5, 8 and 12.

If ordering online I have found it is a good idea to always check the S&H costs and shipping time before clicking that submit …

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Hardanger Ruby Rosette

The Available Design section showcases the designs that I offer for sale.

The sections Hardanger, Supplies, Bargello and Thoughts offer support information which I had planned to include within the booklet for each of my designs but that would had …

Buttonhole edge stitch

Buttonhole stitched edge

In Hardanger designs the buttonhole stitched edge is worked so that the fabric outside of the worked area can be trimmed away. You need to ensure that the loop of each of stitch is snug in order to lock the …

Hardanger fabric, what size to purchase

22 count fabric

I found it a bit baffling when I first moved from kits to putting together my own choice of fabric and threads. Truthfully for many years just what the count of the fabric meant did not really sink into my …



For threads I make sure I keep the paper bands and labels on them so I know the color number, size and manufacturer. The length of thread contain in a skein depends on the manufacturer.

Here are a …


Waves of Fall pillow

My mom would have done a lot of hand basing and pinning when crafting a pillow and then use the sewing machine. Well, I like to wing it. Just go for broke and use the sewing machine … no hand …

Securing Thread Ends and No Knots

Securing thread ends

Thread ends: No knots please. The ends of your threads are secured by weaving them into the back side of the worked area of your design. I like to keep these weaved thread ends in among like threads. Such that …