Stitching pathway around a cutwork area:

Within my Hardanger Rosey Day design I utilized rectangular shaped kloster bock areas. As you can see in the below photo there was figure-8 bar weaving and three types of fill-in stitches: dove eye, …


Waves of Fall pillow

My mom would have done a lot of hand basing and pinning when crafting a pillow and then use the sewing machine. Well, I like to wing it. Just go for broke and use the sewing machine … no hand …

Needles and Threads

Tapestry Needle

Hardanger is a counted embroidery worked on hardanger or linen fabric which has a “count” of 22 or more threads per inch. I have worked a hardanger design on 20 count, it turned out quite nice. On the 20 – …

Thread and Fabric Vendors

Hardanger satin stitch

If ordering online I have found it is a good idea to always check the S&H costs and shipping time before clicking that submit order button.

Near all of these below stores carry threads and most offer cut-to-size and pre-cut …

Buttonhole edge stitch

Buttonhole stitched edge

There are several edges that I have seen on hardanger worked pieces: turned hem, fringed and buttonhole. I mainly finished my worked hardanger designs with a buttonhole worked edge so that I can trim off excess fabric.

This stitch edge …

Purchasing Hardanger fabric

22 count fabric

I found purchasing fabric and thread a bit baffling when I first moved from kits to putting together my own choice of fabric and threads. I have found out what I need to know is how many fabric holes there …