Parking the thread and the Needle

Parking threads

Parking your thread

Parking is a term applied to handling/controling your stitching thread(s) when not in use.

The term parking is also used to indicate when you need to have the tail end of your thread held aside until you …

Stabbing vs Sewing Technique


Stabbing vs sewing, how you stitch with your needle:

I have friends who prefer to work their Hardanger pieces using the sewing method.

I mostly use the stab stitching as I feel it is less stress on the fabric, stitching …

Rosette (Struvor) stitch

Rosette (Struvor) stitch
I first learned Rosette stitch by following the below Nordic Needle example then I switched to using buttonhole worked bars instead of wrapped bars.

Nordic Needle Rosette

Nordic Needle Rosette

Using buttonhole stitch for bar weaving:

When I work the …

Greek Cross

Greek Cross

Greek cross

Nordic Needle Greek Cross. Click photo to enlarge.

Greek Cross photo

Greek Cross closeup

Work-in-progress photos are shown below as I worked a Greek Cross.

WIP Greek Cross Step 1

WIP Greek Cross Step 1: Begin bar wrapping of the first leg of the Greek Cross.

Eyelets and Cross Stitches

When working an eyelet or cross stitch No fabric threads are snipped. No fabric thread or stitching thread is pierce.

Eyelets: Hardanger eyelet stitches are like a surface embroidery eyelet stitch in that they are a pulled stitch used …

Twisted X fill-in stitch

Rosey Day design's kloster area with twisted X center and dove eyes
Twisted X: Twist X fill-in stitch can be worked within the open work area of a four-sided kloster blocks or within the open work area of weaved bars.

For weaved bars work three sides (as shown in the second

Dove eyes

Rosey Day design's kloster area with twisted X center and dove eyes

Dove eyes(four- and tri- sided): Dove eye pattern is a fill-in stitch for openwork within kloster blocks and weaved bar areas. Each four-leg or tri-leg dove eye stitch is worked in one length of stitching thread.

Notice the general …