Waves of Early Fall Bargello Embroidery Needlework

Waves of Early Fall
Waves of Early Fall design is a Bargello counted needlework embroidery presented within a 40-plus page booklet. This design utilizes the traditional Bargello method of needlework straight stitches worked in steps to create the design. Click the button named Bargello… Read more

Sharp edge pillow with bordered front

Tulips and Pomegranates Bargello - 13 inch pillow

Sharp edge pillow with bordered front, piping and quilted back:

Add a border around a worked design

Create your own piping

Sewing piping onto the front piece

Quilting the back of a pillow with a gridline pattern

Fabric supplies for … Read more

Pillow back with quilted grid

15 inch pillow and pillow

Quilting a grid design using a regular pressure foot or a walking pressure foot with rod guide.

The pressure feet that I used are shown and discussed at the bottom of this blog page.

The quilted pillow back has three … Read more

Adding a border to a worked design

Tulips and Pomegranates Bargello - 13 inch pillow

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The fabric that I used (in this example pillow) for the border, back fabric and piping is 100% cotton Essentials Climbing Vines (light brown, comes in several colors) Wilmingtonprints fabric. Including … Read more

Matting and Framing

Snowy White Mocha closeup

I have several of my embroidery pieces framed for wall display but cost of the frame and not enough wall space has about put a stop to my framing completed pieces. We have two cabinet tops at waist height and … Read more