Ribbons and Thistle Flowers, mat size. Bargello style embroidery.

Ribbon and Thistle center area

Ribbon and Thistle Flowers, mat size

This version of Ribbons and Thistle Flowers is a mat size Bargello style design presented within a 40-plus page booklet. The outer border is a four-color Bargello style ribbon. Enclosed by the Bargello ribbons are six dark violet-blue thistle flowers with pineapple shaped bases. Four dark violet-blue thistle flower-vase combinations are centered within the design.

This needlework embroidery booklet is written for someone comfortable with setting up their own projects and reading counted embroidery charts. As normal within a Bargello style design, symmetry is extremely important. As such, attention must be paid to the positional spacing of each object as you stitch. My booklet presents photos and charts in color and close-ups so you can see the details of this design.

Ribbon and Thistle Flowers, mat size.

Ribbon and Thistle Flowers, mat size. Click this photo to view a larger image.

This booklet is available in Kindle and printed format. Within the e-book format on a smartphone or tablet, you can expand (pinch-out) the closeup charts and closeup photos throughout the booklet to view details down to individual stitches. First touch the photo to select it, then you pinch out.  I work my design before publishing a booklet using several types of smart devices to ensure I can pinch-out to view details of closeup charts and photos.


Ribbons and Thistle Flowers mat size design count is 365w by 245h,

20.25- by 13.75-inches on 18-count fabric. With a folded half inch finished edge the size is 21.5- by 15-inches.


Click the below photo for ordering or to view the first pages of the design booklet.