Caribbean, Hardanger Needlework

Caribbean is a counted Hardanger needlework embroidery design presented in a 20-plus page booklet available in printed (8 by 10 inch size) and Kindle formats.

Worked on an overdyed 24 count Congress (100% cotton) fabric (color Carefree Caribbean) the fabric is stiff enough to work in hand. There is only three skeins of size 5 and 2 balls of size 8. Three thread colors in all. Design count is 209 by 241, approximately 8.75 by 10.25 inches on 24 count fabric.

Caribbean, Hardanger Design

Caribbean, Hardanger Design. Click photo to view larger image.

The booklet for my Caribbean design assumes that you are familiar with hardanger stitches and methods. In order to reduce the cost of my booklets I moved several pages that discuss basic topics such as the hardanger satin stitch, kloster blocks and purchasing fabric over to the Hardanger and Useful Info sections of these blog pages.

The three below photos show the same page of the Caribbean design booklet. On the iPad and second iPhone photos I use Kindle’s expand (pinch-out) feature to show you close ups of this page.

Caribbean, printed and iPad

Caribbean, printed and iPad (pinched-out)

Caribbean, iPhone

Caribbean, iPhone

Caribbean, iPhone (pinched-out closeup)

Caribbean, iPhone (pinched-out closeup)

Click the below photo for ordering or to access the Look Inside feature to view a few pages of the design’s booklet.