Gentle Snowfall — Holiday card

The Gentle Snowfall design has a layered outline to represent an ornament and an inner pattern featuring snowflakes softly floating in the still air of a brisk winter’s day. The 10 plus page, full color booklet, provides discussion of the charts accompanied by photos of the worked design.

The overall count for the worked area of the design is 49 by 75.

Stitches used: Ornament outline has layered straight stitches. Inner design has several snowflake patterns worked in straight stitches.

The completed design is approximately 2¾ by 4½ inches when worked on 18 count fabric. This design fits within the (3 by 5-inch) window area of a 5 by 7-inch tri-fold card, or secured within the window area of a 5 by 7-inch mat board (cardstock). The cardstock I used has a white back (for writing a seasonal or personal message, if being given as a gift).


Click the below image to use the publisher’s Look Inside feature to view a larger photo of this design or to view the first pages of the design’s booklet.