Deer and Barn Beneath a Starry Sky — Holiday Card

Winter Night

Winter Night

My Deer and Barn Holiday card shows a wintry evening: stars shining above a deer grazing within a treed area near a barn.  My counted needlework embroidery design is presented within a 10 plus page booklet.

Design count is 48w by 81h.
Work area is approximately 3 by 4.25-inches on 18 count fabric.

Stitches used: Ornament outline has layered straight stitches and cross stitches.  Inner design has cross stitches and straight stitches.

This design is approximately 3 by 4.25-inches when worked on 18 count fabric. The design fits within the (3.5 by 5-inch) window area of a 5 by 7-inch tri-fold card, or secured within the insert window area of a 5 by 7-inch mat board (cardstock). The cardstock I used has a white back (for writing a seasonal or personal message, if being given as a gift).


Click the below image to use the publisher’s Look Inside feature to view a larger photo of this design or to view the first pages of the design’s booklet.