Journal entry: Dec 1, 2015

Northern Virginia Dec 1 2015

Amazing, it’s first of December, the fields are a lush green and though most of the trees are bare our Sunrise Maple is holding onto it’s collection of beautiful rusty-orange leaves. It’s a rainy day, good for putting my little … Read more

Fall Mums and Acorn doily freebie

Fall Mums and Acorn doily

This expanded information page for my Fall Mums and Acorn doily design gives you an idea of my style of presenting comments, charts and photos in a guidance booklet.

As within my e-book guidance booklets, once you are viewing any … Read more

Who’s the designer:

Happy Zebra
Hi, I am Noelle Frances Ferry and I greatly enjoy counted and surface embroidery. The happy zebra is one of my first embroidery projects and has been on constant display. My mother taught cross stitch, crewel, and needlepoint to my… Read more

Bermuda Blue Aztec Card freebie

Bermuda Blue Aztec Card

Bermuda Blue Aztec Card

This 20-22 count aida fabric was such a bright white that I never seemed to find the right project in which to use it. Then I joined Mary Corbet’s SF ( and many of the members … Read more

Fill-in Stitches

Fill-in Stitches:

As the length of this page has gotten a bit long, I have moved discussion of the below listed fill-in stitches onto their own blog page. Clicking the name of any of the below fill-in stitches will take … Read more

Kloster Blocks

Ruby Rosette

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Traditional hardanger embroidery is characterized by hardanger satin stitch blocks (kloster blocks) and hardanger satin stitches formed into geometric designs.  Within the kloster blocks the cutting and withdrawal of threads creates grid(s) of fabric threads which … Read more