Hardanger Oops!

Snipping problem

Stitching Probems:

Stitching problems can occur when you incorrectly stitch (see below photo) a hardanger satin stitch or if you go off-pattern. If I go off-pattern and need to redo that section of the chart, I normally snip every other …

Hardanger: Bar weaving, Picot Loops and Spokes

completed card

Click photo to view my blog page on this Kreinik freebie design

Figure-8 bar weaving:
I find simple, non-adorned bar weaving to be as pretty as bar weaved areas with fill-in stitches.

Christmas tree to the left is a freebie


Snipping edge

I own several general embroidery scissors, could not do without them. Several of them are for specific tasks. They are under four inches in length. They range in price from a few dollars to $40. All but two of my …

Swirling Pin Wheels a Hardanger needlework design

Swirling Pin Wheels Design
The Swirling Pin Wheels design is a counted Hardanger and Rhodes stitch needlework embroidery available in printed and Kindle formats. Over the past winter children from our town’s day care center stuck red and blue pin wheels along the edge

Rhodes Stitch Collection

Rhodes Stitch Collection
This Rhodes Stitch Collection is a counted needlework embroidery design of fifteen different variations of Rhodes stitches available in printed and Kindle formats. The top and bottom rows of my Rhodes Stitch Collection features the smaller elements of the design

Citrus Pomegranates Bargello a needlework embroidery design

Citrus Pomegranates Design
Citrus Pomegranates design is a Bargello needlework embroidery presented within a 60-plus page booklet available in printed and Kindle formats. The pomegranate shapes, a classic Bargello pattern, are worked in the bright colors of citrus fruit and the dark cobalt

Needle Keeper

Needle Index EGA

For organizing needles I use the Embroiderers’ Guild of America (EGA) Valley Quail Chapter Needle Index Book (purchased from their website).

It has identification drawings of various needles (and sizes) and right across from, let’s say the tapestry needle …